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Shripad shrivallabha Mahasansthanam, Pithapur

Bharata Desa flourished as a holy land and a land of religious activities. Rivers and religious centres in this land are famous from ancient times. Among these Pithapuram is well-known. It is a divine holy 'Kshetra' of historical significance. This is situated on the river bank of Yela (Yeluru) in the Bhima region forming part of Trilingadesa'. Pithapuram is the place of origin for all important Datta Kshetras like Karanja, Kurupuram, Narsobawadi, Gangapur and Udumbara and is the birth place of Sreepada Sreevallabha who is verily Datta himself.
It has become a regular practice for many devotees of Datta from all the four corners of the country to visit the native place of Sreepada relying on the information in sacred books like 'Guru Charitra'. They are uttering aloud 'Sree Datta Sreevallabha'. They wor­ship the Lord at this Kshetra and get salvation.
During one of such occasions on 11-11-1963, Monday Brahmajna Kavi Sri Deva Rao Kulakarni, his Guru Sri Sri Paramahamsa Satchidanandendra Saraswati Swamy visited 'Swayam Bhoo Datta' (self-originated Datta) in Sri Kukkuteswara Swamy temple in Sri Kshetra, Pithapuram. They carried on an exten­sive propaganda about the Lord. By their encouragement and the command of Sadguru Sridhara Swamy - a resident of Sajjanagadh, "Jaya Jaya Raghu Veera Samardha Sadguru" Sree Ramaswamy visited Sri Kshetra, Pithapuram. He is a dear disciple of Bhagavan Sadguru Sridhara Swamy who belongs to the sect of Samardha Ramadas. Sri Ramaswamy is an 'Upasak' of Datta and a strict observer of celibacy. He made up his mind that revealing the existence of the Lord at Pithapuram and informing the world about the greatness of this incarnation - are prominent parts of the service to Lord Datta. He got the temple of Dattatreya renovated and arranged daily worship there. He celebrated the worship of the Lord on a grand scale and undertook propaganda of Sreepada Sreevallabha in the home town of the Lord.


Afterwards he established 'Sree Dattatreya Bhakta Samaj' enlisting all devotees who were blessed by the Lord. The existence of Sri Datta and the significance of the incarnation of Sreepada Vallabha were widely propagated. From then many devotees from Maharastra, Karnataka state and from different areas of Andhra Pradesh are visiting Swami's Sree Kshetra. They are worshipping the Lord and are getting fulfilled. Gradually as the number of visiting devotes increased it was felt by Sri Rama Swamy Garu that providing accommodation to those devotees is an important duty and an essential part of the service to Datta. So he decided to construct a residential complex and encouraged the devotees towards that end. To manage these facilities an association with the name 'Sreepada Sreevallabha Maha Samsthan' was formed.



This association purchased a house with the contributions from devotees. The house was remodelled for better residential accommodation. At first they got planted an Audumbara tree by Vedic Pandits strictly according to scriptures on the northern side. Next a beautiful temple was constructed nearer to it and 'Paadukas' of the lord were installed. In this 'Paduka Mandir' very beautiful marble icons of Sreepada Sreevallabha, Sree Dattatreya and Sree Nrusimha Saraswati were installed.
On account of the firm resolve of Sri Ramaswamy garu, the efforts of the association and the help and cooperation of the devotes a big beautiful Mandapam was constructed in front of the 'Paduka Mandir'. This hall is useful for the 'Japa', 'Paaraayana', ‘Pradikshana’ and other spiritual activities. This hall is used for religious discourses by great people. A meditation hall was constructed behind the 'Paduka Mandir' with rooms for the religious austerities of Saints, Gurus and hermits. On the southern side of the 'Paduka Mandir' a residential complex comprising of 16 rooms, 2 big halls was built in the Samsthan premises. It is a two-storied building with all amenities. On the eastern side of the residential block another two-stories building was built. It has a meditation hall on the first floor and a kitchen in the ground floor.
Sreepada Sreevallabha Seva Sangh has also constructed a big dining hall named 'Annapoorna Mandir'. It caters to the boarding facilities of the pilgrims who come from various places for worshipping Sreepada Vallabha. Seva Sangh is allowing devotees utilise 'Annapoorna Mandir' for the purpose of performing sacred thread ceremonies,' Aksharabhyasa' and other functions in complying with the wishes of such devotees to conduct such functions in the temple of Sreepada.
Recently they purchased another two-storied building located on the Eastern side of ' Annapoorna Mandir'.
Presently, the Samsthan has undertaken the following projects: -
1. Construction of the prestigious minaret at the summit of the Temple,
2. Construction of the second floor to the 'Annapoorna Mandir',
3. Construction of the second floor on the 'Dhyan Mandir' on the Southern side of 'Paduka Mandir'
4. Giving finishing touches and development of the newly acquired building on the Eastern side of 'Annapoorna Mandir'.
Devotees who partake in the activities of the 'Sree Vari Samsthan' in whatever way by the grace of God, are infact rendering great service to the Swami.

Donations made to Sreepada Sreevallabha Seva Sangh are exempted from Income Tax under Rule 80G. Those who want to participate in the development activities or in the daily programmes of worship can pay donations directly in the office of the Samsthan.