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The supreme Gods of the universe Tri Murthys have born as a child to the Sacred and Pious Couple. Maharshi ATRI and Mahasadvi ANASUYA for their Bhakthi and Thapas (Penance) and named as DATTATREYA.

Dattatreya an Avinashi Avatar ever incarnates to emancipate the Jeevas from Darkness of Ignorance and to bless the light of true knowledge. He is guru of gurus i.e. JAGATGURU.

In Kaliyuga out of compassion on mankind Bhagawan Dattatreya has blessed his devoted and sacred couple Sri Appalaraju and Smt. Sumathi and born as their child as promised in Srikshetra, Pithapuram, Andhra Pradesh Some 700 years back. He was named as SRIPADA SRIVALLABHA. He exhibited many Mahimas and Divine Leelas to his Parents and Bhaktas. He also exhibited profound knowledge in ail Sastras. He saw his brothers with Kripa Dhristi and relieved them of their deformations.

He desired to relieve mankind of its evils by bestowing Jnana on all of them till His sixteen. At the age of sixteen He expressed his desire to his parents that he would live as Brahrnachari and he will leave Pith­apuram for desatana to preach his teachings and bless the Bhaktas to fulfill his mission as Guru.

Just before his departure from Pithapuram, He gave Darshan to his Parents as DATTATREYA and blessed them.

He travelled through out North India and Badri and finally settled at Kuruvapuram an Island in Krishna River. He blessed number of bhaktas by his teaching and Jnanaprabodha. He promised one of his lady bhakta that he would born as a child to her as per promise. He was born as a child to her in Karanjah, Maharstra and he was named as NARASIMHA SARASWATY and for a long time doing propaganda of Gurutatva. In­spired by ? Narasimha Saraswathy, Mr. Gangadhara saraswathy wrote all this above narration as Gurucharitra. One who read Gurucharitra with Sradda and Bhakti is definite of getting his desires fulfilled.

Inspired by the blessing of Bhagawan SriDhara Swamy Maharaj his disciple sri Sadguru Rama Swamy Maharaj has come over to Pith­apuram for Datta Bhakti Prachara and formed a committee and named it as SRIPADA SRI VALLABHA MAHASAMSTANAM, PITHAPURAM. It is looking after the development of Samstan.

Samstanam has constructed "GURUCHARITRA PARAYANA MANDAP" and is useful for "Parayana" and "Satsang Meetings." It has constructed a Temple and Marble Moorthies.

1. Sri Pada Sri Vallabha        2. Sri Dattatreya and
3. Narasimha Saraswaty and SriPada Sri Vallabha Padukas are also installed in his Janmastan where exactly he had born.

Trikala poojas are going on regularly. VASATIGRIHA is con­structed with 16 Rooms with attached Toilets and 2 Big Halls, over head Tank is constructed for regular water supply. Vasatigriha is fully electri­fied. DHYANA MANDIR for the use of Acharya Swamies and Danda Swamies. They have arranged a Cooking Room and Dining Hall also.

Sadhakas , Bhaktas are coming for Darsan and getting their desire fulfilled. Here Sri pada Sri Vallabha is renound as BHAKTA VATCHALA. KALPAVRIKSHA and KAMADHENU.

It is the Moolastan and Adisthan for all Datta Bhaktas. Bhaktas are coming regularly from all parts of India for His Darsan. The Com­mittee is giving a devotional service to all of them. In support of Datta Bhakti Prachara Books are published in regional languages.

1. SRI GURUCHARITRA                     2. DATTA PURANAM
3. DATTA UPASANA                            4. GURU GEETA

For the develop of Samstan and for publishing books we need Funds. As such we request all Bhaktas to contribute liberally and avail the opportunity to serve Bhagawan and Bhaktas and have the blessings of Bhagawan.